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    4 bit frenzy is a 4-player cooperative game where players have to deliver data registers to data slots in time to restore the computer to working order. The faster the deliveries, the more points the team wins.

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    Foodprint trains learners to manage food efficiently by playing a collaborative board game. The game tasks players with the responsibility of administering groceries while taking care of the nutritional requirements, conservation practices, and the management of a reduced budget.

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    Screening Bot is a problem-solving game where a robot needs to use training data to create algorithms that will stop potential threat alien races from entering a planet. As the Screening Bot processes the algorithms, the player will find that there are flaws in the training data and many individuals are being unfairly imprisoned.

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    Super Code Monkey is a puzzle-platformer that teaches kids how to code. As you progress throughout the game the coding challenges go more and more in-depth about the different aspects of coding from simple algebra to objects.